Friday 19 January 2018
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Argue 1

     Women have traditionally been keepers of our homes and the preservers of the marriage institution, a position that men gave up long time ago. In some communities and cultures men are so distant from the homes that they come and go as they please and shack up with whichever woman who was willing to host them. As we travel round the world and study traditional family structures and settings we see the same thing – women are indispensable to families, communities and nation building. Even in those situations where women are not so well regarded their role as calming and stabilizing agents are very evident. For Christians, women who keep their houses are extolled as wise.

     This is why the news that women now file for divorce and ask for separation more than men is a worrisome trend for us at Twogether For Ever. Essentially those who are charged with keeping and preserving the sacred institution of marriage are now breaking up homes. Put another way the nest builders and repairers are now ravaging the nests and leaving hapless children fatherless.

     No one is certain why women are opting out of their marriages but this trend is a devastating development. Some have suggested that this is part of the program of empowering women [against men]. Now before you label them here’s their explanation: First of all they do not tolerate any kind of abuse. Secondly they are all for empowerment of women who are dis-empowered or have never been empowered to face the challenges of life and demand equality with men at work, schools, politics etc. However they do not support redefining the traditional role of women and men in homes, marriages, families and communities. They argue that you do not have to criticize men in order to empower woman.

     Unfortunately this is the agenda that some of us are unwittingly pursuing. Some of us have joined forces with liberals and neo liberals to preach this demonic message of hate by saying “you don’t need a man.” These are undoubtedly divisive and combative slogans. The devil has cleverly tied the empowerment of women to independence and individuality of women. Unfortunately marriage by its definition promotes inter-dependence between husband and wife.

     Is it not better to empower and enlighten a man and his wife for better marriage and family than to divide and empower one half of a union against the other? Can a house divided against itself stand? Are you not questioning the wisdom of God in establishing hierarchical structure in the family? Are you not desecrating the sanctity of marriage when you incite or empower a woman against her husband?

     Could this explain why women are now the first to call the divorce lawyers in the United States? The other question which perhaps equally important is, will proponents of covenant marriage be able to drown the chattering of this boisterous fellowship of the rebellious or redirect them to remain builders of their homes?


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