Friday 19 January 2018
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How To Make Your Home A Heaven On Earth Home

The first thing you need when building a heaven on earth home is an indisputable building plan that is time-tested and practical. Your home is about your family and your family is really about your marriage. In that sense your home is your most valuable asset so you cannot afford to experiment with uncertainties. You’ve got to know what you are doing. For more discussion on the right plan

On August 24, 1992, a category 5 hurricane made landfall in the Florida key. At first the experts had predicted that the storm would be a category 4 hurricane with a maximum sustained wind of 145 miles per hour, a dangerous storm none the less but Andrew turned out to be far more powerful than that. Hurricane Andrew packed a wind speed of 165 miles per hour earning Andrew the unenviable record of one the most destructive natural disasters in US history. Nearly 26,000 residential homes damaged and billions of dollars in insurance claim.


After the storm was over, one particular neighborhood was hit harder than the others as everything was destroyed. Surprisingly one home survived the storm, standing in the middle of the mayhem like a colossus, defying the wind, the rain, the flood and the looting.


A few days later a curious reporter tracked down the homeowner to find out why his house was the only house in his neighborhood to survive the 165 miles per hour storm. ” What the homeowner said baffled everybody. He said, I built the house myself, they told me that if I build it according to the building code, it will survive any hurricane and it did.

The Second Key to building a heaven on earth home is to meticulously follow the plan. This is where a lot of couples miss it. They start so well but later allow themselves to be separated from the plan.There will be temptations to cut corners and ignore some instructions. All I can say is “don’t fall for it” Find what makes you happy and incorporate it into your home. Find out what scares you (Higher Power) and make an altar for it in your home. You need some fear to deal with the boring lull moments and for encouragement.


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