Friday 19 January 2018
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TGFE’s Formula to Finding A Husband or Wife

How do I know that he is the One?” How do I know that I did not make a mistake by marrying this woman? A pastor recently told us how he “was like a sheep led for slaughter” during his courtship and wedding.

How do I recognize the one that God made for me? For a Single person, this is a million dollar question that can save a lifetime regret and misery. For married couples the answer t this question can have devastating consequences. Note that the TGFE formula will give you peace of mind but it may not solve your problem if you are already married. When a marriage goes south we wonder whether we chose the wrong person. If things don’t change we convince ourselves that we made a mistake in marrying our spouse. It is a terrible place to be.

Over the years my wife and I have answered this question so many times that we have reduced our answer to a mathematical equation. Call it  theTGFE Formula for Finding A Life Partner. Thank God for this formula because you can now use it to make informed decision. The beauty of this formula is that you get what you desire.

The Formula is P+P+P divided by C. = the One.

The Ps and the C represent a “Factor” of good Marriage. You must apply the entire formula to receive the best result. If you only focus on a factor, you end up with a dysfunctional marriage. The formula is flexible enough to lead you to the husband or the wife of your dream; and strict enough to lead you to the husband or the wife of your destiny. It is your choice.

Here is the breakdown of the formula.

1. P=PROSPECT: The first step to knowing “the One” is to decide whether the man or woman you are considering is a prospect or a puppet. A puppet is a distractor. The word “prospect” means “the possibility of something happening, the opportunity for that thing to happen and the like hood that it will happen”. The closer you are to the probability threshold the better your assessment. A good prospect will be someone from the same religion, if you are religious, someone from the same race if you have a racial bias and someone from the same age rage if that is important to you. The more you compromise here the greater the chance of choosing the wrong person. For ladies, please note that it is not what he is saying; it is what you are seeing.

2. P= POTENTIALS: I wish I can emphasis this one enough. The prospect has to be a man or a woman, not just by age but in maturity. If he has the right potential, the couple can get married as he pursues his ambition and develop his potential. The meaning of Potential is “having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future” It is not what he has now but what he is likely to have in future. It is not what he is today but what he will be tomorrow. It is not where is today but where he is going. For example when I proposed to my wife I was a poor student with a lot of potentials. We were both in our final year of law school and full of ambition. There was no doubt in our mind that we will be able to feed ourselves. May I add also that my wife said I was much more matured than my age.:)

3. P= PROPHESY: Prophesy is what God is saying about you. It is not just the word of God, but the word of God to you – Rhema. People spend a lot time praying for their life partner and no time listening and watching for their life partner. Rebekah keyed into the activities in the spirit realm and align herself with destiny and prophesy without seeing even Isaac. She was purposeful and unequivocal about marrying Isaac. What is God saying to you about that prospect? When we pray we tell God what we want but when God speaks to us He tell us what he has for us.

4. C=COMPATIBILITY: This that “it” factor in divine match making. This is God’s criteria for matching a man and woman as husband and wife. God said to Adam “I will make him a helper suitable for him” Genesis 2:18b. The word compatible means something that is capable of existing together in harmony. It also means “Suitable”. If you have a good prospect for a husband or wife with great potential but you are not compatible, it will never work because the Compatibility is the “it” factor.

One more thing, If you use this formula and it works for you, you owe us an invitation to your wedding.:)