Friday 19 January 2018
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Time to Ask Questions

And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to inquire of the LORD. Genesis 25:22.

Friend there are five occasions in our life when we have to ask questions:

1. Whe your reality does not align with the promises, you must ask questions.

2. When you are so close and yet so far; you can feel it but you can’t touch it, you’ve got to ask questions.

3. When a lot is supposed to be happening but nothing is happening, its time to ask questions.

4. When there is no sensible explanable for your situation you got to ask why because there is a reason for everyting.

5. When your blessings begin to feel like a curse, you better start asking, “Why am I thus?”

Rebecca’s reality was nothing close to the prophesies, the blessings and the promises. She was suppose to be the mother of many nations but she was baren. How can she be the mother of nations when you cannot be the mother one child?

Rebecca started asking questions. Her husband prayed and God answered but the pregnancy was troubled. Problem upon problems. This time around Rebecca bypassed her husband and went to God.

You see, landmark events in the spirit realm are urshered with contentions. Moses was born at the worse time in the history of slavery. David was crowned king when he could not be King. Jesus the son of God was born in the reign of a tyrant, and was nearly killed. Problems are evidence of the spiritual contention for greater manifestation of great things.

Turns out that Rebecca was carrying Jacob the grandson of Abraham and the prince of the Abrahamic covenant. The devil had inserted Esau, his own prince in the same womb. Turns out that there was a contention between the good and the bad, the violent and the peaceful, the forefather of peace and the grandfather of war in the same womb.

Brethren, the things of the spirit are not as simple as they look. Sometimes promises are wrapped up with problems. Whatever it is, you must ask questions and demand answers.