Friday 19 January 2018
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Christmas and Satanism in the Home

Yesterday a young man asked me what I thought about Christmas. I said “nothing”, but the young man pressed his case on. He asked if we have Christmas tree in our house right now to which I replied “yes”. He then went through the history of Christmas and quoted extensively from Jeremiah 10 as I waited patiently for him to make his point of calling me.

Finally he said, “My wife is passionate about this time of the year but I do not celebrate Christmas. Should I stop her from celebrating a demon festival in our house? I said, you should if you desire to stay married and be happy. A good leader carries his followers along. A good leader does not coerce his followers.

Friends the new trend is to see satan and satanism in everything and everywhere. I prefer to focus on things and people that matter. The Psalmist said “I do not concern myself with things that are too wonderful for me” Let us think about how to celebrate more holy communions in my household instead of wondering whether the synthetic Christmas tree in our house is dedicated to Satan.

Light automatically dispel darkness. We are the light of the world. Even animals sacrificed to idols become harmless food in our hands. Brethren, do you know that your unbelieving spouse is sanctified by your sanctification.

What is the conclusion? More light in us equals less darkness around us.