Thursday 22 February 2018
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3 Steps to Being Your Significant Other’s (SO) Best Friend


1. Make yourself friendly. Do what their friend will do. Find your SO’s interest and share it with him/her. Everybody needs a friend. Your SO could use one too

2. Be enthusiastic about his/her interests. If she likes movies try and enjoy it with her. You don’t have to cry when she cries but you have to hold and console her with words. You have to share the feelings with her. Never ever ignore her at that moment of grieve.
He is different, leave him alone at the moment of grieve. If he likes football, watch it with him or leave him alone. He does not mind being left alone. If he starts talking to himself during the game, pretend you are not there. He loves solitude. If his team loses DON’T console him with words! Grieving is part of his process.

3. Don’t critize or correct. Yo may make suggestions. No one likes to be beaten down when they are already down. If you have to correct, be diplomatic and chose your words carefully. Always start with something positive.

A friend is someone that allows you to be you or at least makes you feel good about you. That who you wanna become to your SO if you desire his/her friendship. Have a great day!