Friday 19 January 2018
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The Best Place to Look For A Husband or Wife

Your school days and the school premises is the best time and place to find a fulflling relationship. The key is to start looking long before you actually start searching. Position yourself to be seen and also to see whats happening around you. By positoning I mean attract the right kind of attention for your purpose in life. If you are looking to settle down in marriage, being a party animal or the most popular girl in school may not be the right positioning. Sure some people get husband and wife by doing so but that is the exception rather than the rule.

Here are 5 reasons to Look While in College and toward your school friends.
1. School affords you the best opportunity to select from an array of men and women on the campus. You don’t even have to look too far, they are everywhere. All you need to do is choose.
2. School allows you the opportunity to objectively evaluate each other, and receive impute from your friends. You friend will offer solicited and unsolicited advice on the suitability of the opposite sex.
3. You can easily end the relationship at the end of your program in the school without heartache. if you dont like what you saw. Just leave and disconnect.
4. You are not under any presure or stress to find somebody yet. Once you graduate everybody expects you to get married. They even suggest and recommend people to you. That pressure can skew your judgement into choosing the wrong person.
5. You are under less pressure to have sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend in college. It is easier to keep sex off the table when you are young and in School than when you are older. After graduation your boyfriend or girlfriend expects you to have sex with them. At that phase of life not having sex is the exception and not the general rule.