Friday 19 January 2018
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The Most Dangerous Time in Your Relationship

       Contrary to what you may have heard, the most dangerous time in your relationship is not when you are separated from each other; but when you are distracted from focusing on each other. You can be separated by distance and still stay connected in your mind. Believe me, it is not the distance, it is the distraction. I know of couples who are physically together in the same house but emotionally separated from each other; they even sleep on the same bed but their minds are somewhere else.

Here are 3 things to do to avoid distraction.

1. Stay Connected. Use every opportunity you have to connect with your loved one physically, but whatever you do, stay connected emotionally and mentally. Have pictures handy, write your thoughts and emotion in your journal, write letters that you may or may not mail out. I am always fascinated by how some prisoners keep up with their children’s daily routine outside the prison walls. James, one of the prisoners that I mentor can tell you how many goals his son scored in his last basketball game. In his small disposable bag he carries his children’s pictures wherever he goes and he remembers the milestones in their life

2.   Dream about the Good Times. You can recreate the good times in your mind. If you have never been together before, then dream and explore your fantasies about what will happen when you are finally together. I remember when I was away from my family for 2 years in Minnesota. Some of those cold nights I found myself in my apartment talking to my wife and children aloud.

3.   Stay Busy. Whatever you do, please stay busy. An idle mind is the devils workshop. The devil asked the woman questions probably because she was available. Occupy yourself with caring for your children, serving in the house of God and improving yourself. Using your time to plan and prepare for the future will keep you focused and help you to avoid distraction from the devil