Friday 19 January 2018
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5 Keys to Getting your Husband Back

A fan wrote, “I have always read your post and I feel blessed,but please help me get my hubby back, I beg you, his son needs him more than ever”

…And I responded. “Your husband will come back when you need him more than ever. He is not likely to come back because his son needs him more than ever”. Why did I say that? Typically men don’t stay with a woman or in a marriage because of their children. Men believe their children are safe and secured with their mother. On the other hand most women will stay with a man good or bad because of their children. Women believe that they are the best person to take care for their children.

What can we learn from this?

1. Using your children as a bait to get your husband back home is unlikely to work. You can use them to get your wife back though.

2. The thing (s) that will make him come back home are the thing(s) that made him make a home. If your husband needs a bait to come home it should be you and yourself. Remember there was a reason he chose you over all the women in the world. Whatever it is you got it & if you lost it, you can crank it up

3. The thing(s) that will keep him home are the things that made him choose to make a home with you. If your husband comes home because of you, he is more likely to stay home because of you.

4. Ask yourself, “What did I do to make my husband leave the house?” I am not saying its your fault, I am saying that in most casses you can only work on yourself.You cannot change him.

5. Finnally Pray and Prepare for his return. Prayers can bring your husband back but being prepared for his return will keep him at home. Otherwise the same thing that made him leave can make him leave again.

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