Friday 19 January 2018
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Sometimes You Have to Step Up Your Game

One of our dear proteges recently told me that she had to “step up her game” to look good for her husband. All her life she’s been a “tom-boy”, getting by with her natural beauty, but now she realized that its time to make some adjustments. Although her husband is not complaining but she is not taking chances with all this girls lurking around clad in pants that hug them so tight that you feel sorry for them.

When I saw her last year she was wearing mostly slacks and blouses with low-heeled shoes. This year she is all “girly girl” with pant suits, dresses, high heels and matching bags. I said, way to go daughter! Beautiful!!!

You see, life is by adjustment. You’ve got to adapt because the world is not waiting for you even in marriage. Young men now prefer married women, so husband, you can’t afford to relax too. Pay attention to your wife and spoil her sometimes. There are young boys looking for a married woman who can pay their bills. You can’t afford to sit around and watch. We married christians have our own swag too!!!

Ladies change your cooking, replace your dinning table cover, brighten your bed sheets, move your bedroom suits and furniture etc. Whatever you do, spice it up sometimes because it gets your spouse excited!