Friday 19 January 2018
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If you want God to give you what you desire, you must give out what God already gave you. It is not about your GIVING but more about your RECEIVING. God promised Abraham many nations but He asked Abraham to give out his only child. Elijah wanted rain so bad for drought-stricken Israel, so he poured away gallons of water. Once he did that God sent down rain for hours. If you are praying for a child, check out what a woman who was made fun of for not having a charge did. Hannah was childless and desperate for a child so she gave away the unborn child even before she got pregnant. Even when God wanted children he used this same method. He gave away Jesus Christ, his only beloved son in excange for millions of children. Do you get it now?


What do you desire right now? A child, a job, good health, a husband or wife, or even money? Instead of asking, what am I gonna do?; ask, what am I gonna give to receive what I need? Instead of praying, Lord give me this or that; say, Lord here is the seed for my harvest. If your marriage is in trouble, use your time and resources to bless other marriages with peace and happiness in spite of your situation. If you desire a family give whatever you have to those who already have family but don’t have money to feed or take care the family. If you want a wife or a husband, help the man or woman who have found a wife or a husband but can’t afford a wedding. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Its the law!


I remember the middle woman who bought several wedding gowns of different shapes and sizes and kept them in her closet. She was not married and had no suitor but she desired to be married. One day she heard about a young immigrant couple who was getting married but could not afford a wedding gown. The woman invited the bride to her house and had her try all the wedding gowns to see if there was a match.


Fortunately to the young immigrant bride there was a match. In fact it was the same style of wedding gown she saw at the bridal shop a few days earlier. Her face brightened up with excitement when the middle-aged woman lgave her the wedding gown. Word spread around that the middle aged woman was giving out wedding gowns. She generously gave out many more wedding gowns to couples who could not afford a wedding gown.


Three years later after the middle aged woman gave out the first wedding gown, a man came from a far country and proposed to her. He had never been married. He was not thinking of marriage at that time but God remembered the gift of the middle aged woman and made him think of marriage. The same lady that other men had over looked for years got married; in the same place that they overlooked her, rejected her; and ignored  all her. “am available”, “am here!” and “What about me?”; someone said, “thank God you are here!”. No wonder the bible said that, “the gift of a man [and woman] will make room for him. Proverbs 18:16

Do you see the power of this principle? Middle-aged woman was waiting for a husband. She gave out wedding gowns to those who had found their own husband. God gave her her own husband. It is a mystery. Now can you see how this principle can help you recieve your hearts desire from God? What can you give to advance the work of God? Can you give your money for peace and happiness of other married couples?.

Can you join Twogether For Ever Mission trip to Africa; or can you pay tuition for hurting couples to attend the Marriage Intensive Workshop?. Can you help restore and reconcile families who are separated right now and are on the verge of divorce?. The workshop provides skills on how to communicate better, love deeper and stay married. Can you pay for a young couple preparing for marriage? A strong soundation will set them up for success in marriage. What can you do?

 1. Tuition + workshop materials for one couple = 99.00;
 2. Tuition + workshop materials for 2 couples = 189.00;
 3. Tuition + workshop material for 3 couples = $269.00;

 4. Tuition + workshop materials for up to 4 couples =$359.00

 5. Tuition + Workshop Material for a full capacity(30 Couples) = $1, 500

Remember what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Help someone today and let your gift make room for you before God. Contact us @ or send your donation to Twogether For Ever Inc; P.O BOX 2511 Stafford, Texas 77497.