Friday 19 January 2018
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5 Simple Steps to Solve Any Problem (Part 2)

3. Pursue wisdom and not wealth. Always remember to tap into inner strength or higher power first whenever you are faced with overwhelming challenges. Unfortunately people believe that money can solve every problem but that is far from the truth. There are many problems you can deal with more effectively by just thinking. The goal of winning is to employ the least resistant channel to winning. Only the Holy Spirit will show you that way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that money can solve every problem because it cannot.


 4. Elevate yourself above the battlefield. When the going gets tough keep your eyes on the big picture. Tacticians only see the immediate challenges like the day to day stuff. They major in the minor and minor in the major. Keeping the overall goal in mind elevates you above the immediate battle and helps you to decide when to fight a battle and when to retreat in order to win the war. Life is give and take but in other to win the battle of life you have to know when to give and when to take.


5. Spiritualize your battles. Everything that happens on earth is controlled in the spirit realm. Unfortunately we fight individuals even though the real enemies are spirit beings. The moment you separate the source of your problem from the symptoms of your problem is the moment you start winning the battles of life. Spiritualizing your challenges will help you to welcome the challenge, design the best strategy to address it and direct you energy to the enemy. Spiritualizing your challenges allows you to surrender to your inner or higher power, whichever one you think can help. I am a believer in the saying that “Being unconquerable lies within yourself because God gave us the power to overcome any challenge.