Friday 19 January 2018
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The Power Of A Mother

    A child’s mother is the most significant person in a child’s life before birth. Obviously she could have aborted the child and some mothers have been known to do this. What is not obvious is the spiritual power that a mother has over her children. Even after the child is born, her blessing or curse is so potent that it can affect the child’s welfare and reduce his lifespan. A mother can set and reset her child’s destiny just by the words of her mouth and much more. Let us examine three ways that a mother can influence the destiny of her child

 Mothers are co-creators of their unborn children. A mother has the power to co create her unborn child and call the child forth from ‘nothing’ into our physical realm. I remember going to show a new residential construction to a prospective real estate buyer. In those days it was customary for the builder’s agent to meet the prospective buyer and the buyer’s agent at the property to answer any question that they might have. On this summer evening we were met by a petite lady of Caucasian descent who introduced herself simply as Sue.

After the introduction Sue unlocked the door and entered the house first, the buyer followed behind her while I strolled in behind two of them. The house opened to the formal living room with a vaulted ceiling that made it look more spacious than it really was and an exquisite green paint. The house was designed to capture your imagination and it immediately captivated the buyer’s attention. It did not take long before her excitement infected Sue, the sales agent. I continued to follow them as they chatted away excitedly from the living room to the kitchen and the den.

Then the buyer said; “This two rooms are for the children and that one is the guest room. (pointing at the rooms) My children will have a lot of fun in this house” Sue looked at her and asked “How many children do you have dear?” No you did not ask that question! Oh, how I wished I was far away from them where the buyer could not see my face. The buyer continued to walk from one room to another as if she did not hear Sue’s question. Then as if ignoring Sue, she continued, “this room is for the girls and we will leave the other room for the boys” “How many girls do you have my dear”, asked Sue, this time raising her voice a little higher than before. “Five, I have five children, two girls and three boys” replied the buyer, almost absent minded as she continued to admire the rooms. At that time I literarily found myself strolling away from both of them and into the closet in the master bedroom. I had to get away affraid that Sue might ask another “silly” question.

Sue was just making a conversation but it did not make it easier because she was unknowingly making a high stake conversation.

What Sue the sales agent did not know was that the buyer had been married for 8 years without a child. Sue did not know that the buyer had been making such statements of faith in refenence to her unborn children for over 5 years. She talked about them in the ‘present’ even after she suffered multiple miscarriages. 

A few weeks later, the buyer and her husband closed on that house and moved in. The next year the buyer became pregnant and later had her first baby after 9 years of marriage. Today the couple has three children and would have had more but for the Doctors instructions. I was present when this high stake drama was playing out but I did not realize the spiritual machination going on with those words. Today I know that mothers have the power to call forth their unborn children.

In the book of 2 Samuel chapter 1, we read the story of another remarkable woman who changed the course of history with her tenacity and understanding of her power as a mother. Hannah was blessed but barren, shamed but no shackled, helpless but not hopeless. She had everything that she needed with the exception of the thing she needed the most. In those days a child was a woman’s stamp of approval by God and her husband. A childless woman was helpless and hopeless. Fortunately, Hannah knew something that many women do not know. Hannah knew that God had promised that “none will miscarry or be barren in this land” She also knew that God’s word is His bond so Hannah literarily called God out on His promise and made a vow to give back the child to God. The bible says that (like the buyer), Hannah conceived within a reasonable time and had her son Samuel.

The power of a mother over her children is both awesome and fearsome. If you are reading this blog and you are at odds with your mother, this is the time to reconcile with her. If you are at peace with her, appreciate her some more.

To be Continued…