Friday 19 January 2018
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A Model wife for a Man of Destiny

Princes may search for the “virtuous wife” of proverbs 31:10, but a man of destiny should pray for a woman of destiny like Rebecca. After all, only birds of the same feather flock together. The more I studied about Rebecca, the more I understand what she represented. No other woman in the bible is as intriguing as Rebecca, the wife of Isaac and a matriarch of Abraham’s dynasty. Her marriage to Isaac was divinely ordained and wherever fate failed in the process, Rebecca took over and made things happen. She must be a delight to God and the dream of everyman as the ultimate enforcer of kingdom mandate.

She taught us that destinies are ordained by God but worked out by men through prayers, perseverance and faith. Whatever Isaac could not spiritually discern, Rebecca physically asked of God. When Isaac could not see that Jacob was the chosen one, Rebecca choose to love Jacob the chosen and personally anointed him. When Esau threatened Jacob’s life she came up with the plan of escape. She may have lied and cheated but in the end she made her husband Isaac look good.
Woman of Purpose

Rebecca introduced herself, not as “Rebecca”, but as “the daughter of Bethuel, the son of Milchah, which she bare to Nahor”. It was as if she knew that she was the answer to Abraham’s prayer and took charge of her destiny. God brought Eleazar to her family but she took it from there and made literarily every other thing happen. It seems that Rebecca understood her role in the grand scheme of things. She was not an accident but the product of a well-orchestrated plan to perfect God’s promise to Abraham.
Woman on a mission

When Eleazar asked for water Rebecca offered to water his camel too, when Eleazar inquired about a room and lodging, she offered a room in her father’s house and added straws for the Camels. When she was asked if she will marry a stranger she did not equivocate. Perhaps it was not so much about Isaac as it was about her assignment in the life of Isaac and Abraham. A dear friend of the family once told us that she was sent on a special assignment to her husband’s family. We could not understand it at that time because the abuse and heartache she was going through but we respected her views.

When Rebecca saw Isaac from afar she asked questions before she was briefed. She took the initiative to meet Isaac, but since her mother did not raise no fool, she covered her face before alighting from the camel. She quickly stole Isaac’s heart and stepped into Sarah’s shoes with ease. Although she was a powerful choleric, she quickly realized that Isaac was neither a melancholic thinker nor popular sanguine, He was still a mama’s boy and a peaceful phlegmatic.
Woman of Destiny
When she could not get pregnant she made it her husband prayer point. No one was spared in her quest to fulfill destiny. She did not rest even after she got pregnant. As soon as she experienced strange feelings during her pregnancy she demanded answers from God. “If all is well with me why then am feeling this way?” she asked God. She was rewarded for her boldness and allowed to peep into the divine plan of God, a revelation that was not given to Isaac. Rebecca was to Isaac everything that Sarah was to Abraham and much more. Whereas Sarah eavesdropped as angels conversed with Abraham, Rebecca inquired of the Lord about her situation. Whereas Sarah suggested Hagar to Abraham, Rebecca insisted on having her own child.
Destiny helper.

Rebecca did not forget what the Lord said about her children. “Two nations are in your womb. Two people shall be separate from your body. One shall be stronger than the other, And the older shall serve the younger” In her characteristic way of aligning with destiny love Jacob; “Isaac loved Esau but Rebecca loved Jacob”. She taught Jacob how to make portage which came in handy in securing the birthright and the blessing.
Kingdom Mandate Enforcer
Many years later, when the time to hand over the baton of the promise and dynasty came, Rebecca was there to seal the deal. Isaac the destiny carrier would have made the worst mistake of his life but for the swift and daring intervention of Rebecca. Notice that because of Isaac’s nonchalance, it was Rebecca that anointed Jacob over Esau. “Then Rebekah took her elder son Esau’s best clothes which were with her in the house, and put them on Jacob her younger son” Genesis 27:15 (Amp). The robing of Jacob was as significant in the crowning process and the blessings of Isaac.
A wife for the man of Destiny.

Rebecca and other wives like her may not make the hall of fame of great wives. Some may see her as the woman that encourage her son to lie or the woman that pitched one son against the other. She may have deceived and lied to her husband but in the end she enforced kingdom mandates. Our soul mates are not just our best friend, they are the best thing that happened to us. As I celebrate the Rebecca in my life, I wish every single person that is searching to pray before your search. That’s how Rebeccas are found.

Twogether for Ever.