Friday 19 January 2018
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So You Want To Stay Married

  In this 21st Century, the competition for your attention and resources is unprecedented. From the moment you wake up in the morning through the time you retire back at night the whole world puts a demand on your time, talent and treasure. How you allocate those three resources and to whom determine where you will end up and how fast you get there. Unless you have an effective compass that directs and redirects you to your destination of purpose, the most aggressive of these competing interests win that battle more often than not. Many of us eventually loose our bearing and forget our destination of purpose.

The same is very true of our marriage commitment to stay together “till death do us path” Almost all of us made that vow with the intention of keeping it by living together as husband and wife. Almost immediately, our unalloyed focus on our spouse and marriage is challenged by the demands of carrier, job, extended family, friends, trends, the co workers, advertisements, and the greener grass on the other sides. And so many loose their bearing and eventually forget their destination of Purpose.

Unless you incorporate your marriage and follow the principles provided by God, you are bound to loose your bearing and eventually your destination of purpose. Remember, whatever we infuse our energy into increases or grows. Before you make that decision or move, ask yourself this question, “Will this add to my marriage or remove from my marriage”? The answer will more often than not redirect you to your destination of purpose.