Friday 19 January 2018
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Who Is The Ultimate Matchmaker: God or Man?

   Is marriage predestined or is it dependent on one’s efforts? Is there only one woman for a particular man and vice versa? If so, why is it so difficult to find that someone? If there is only one man for one woman, do they always live within the same vicinity or locality? What if one is in another region, how do they connect?

Conversely, if no one particular person is made for the other, does it then mean any woman is free to marry any man as long as their religion and chemistry match? In which case he or she could be from any race,color, or locality.

That is why we pose this question, “Who really is the ultimate matchmaker….Is it God or man?”

Let us examine Isaac’s marriage, here his father Abraham sent Eliezer his servant to go back to their home town and get a wife for his son Isaac. Eliezer went, prayerfully made the journey which ended up with Rebecca being the choice of God for Isaac.

Jacob is another example we see in the bible. When it was time for him to get married, Isaac and Rebecca his parents, instructed him to go and search for his bride telling him where to go and where not to go.

It seems from these examples that the patriarchs believed that a person’s marriage partner comes from God and no one else. Sometimes a man goes to his designated mate and sometimes his mate comes to him. But at all times, God is the one directing them to each other. God sets the solitary in families. Ps 68:6

A story had it that once upon a time, a Wise Man met a Matron who was curious about this issue.

Wise Man.….God sets the solitary into a family

Matron.….How many days did it take God to create this world?

Wise Man…..Six Days

Matron……Since then what has God been doing?

Wise Man……God has been busy matching couples

Matron……Is this God’s occupation? That’s easy. If that is the case, I too can do that. I have at least 100 men servants and maids under me and I will be able to pair them off in one hour.

Wise Man……You may think it’s easy but God Himself does not think so.

Afterwards the matron marshaled out the men servants and maids in 2 straight lines. One man to One woman. She succeeded in pairing up all of them. And she gave them charge to go ahead and marry each other as she had paired them.

Next morning after she returned back to work, she discovered that one had a gash in the head, one had a broken arm, one was missing an eye and several disabilities and injuries. She asked “What’s going on here?” One servant said, “I don’t want this one, I will not take her back”, and the maid said “I don’t want him either I will not take him back.”

The matron ran to the Wise Man and said to him “Your God is the only wise God, when you said He was busy matching couples, you were right.”

There is a wife or a husband that God has set apart for you. I am talking about your soul mate or your missing ribs in the true sense of it.  In him or her is your destiny fully maximized and your favor from the Lord optimal. Prayerfully depend on God to reveal him or her to you. Depend on God to settle you in a Godly home.