Friday 19 January 2018
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Your Pain Is A Part of the Process

   A farmer came across a moth larvae in his farm. As he looked closer at the moth, he noticed that the moth larvae tightly wrapped in its cocoon was struggling to break loose. The farmer had pity on the helpless larvae, picked it up and tore open the cocoon to release the moth larvae from the cocoon.  To the farmer’s amazement, the fragile insect, now released from its misery fell down on the ground unable to crawl or fly. The farmer was disappointed and confused. Why won’t the same moth that was struggling and stretching inside the cocoon fly now that it is free from the struggle in cocoon, he asked aloud? Still confused, the farmer walked away deep in thought knowing that the unfortunate moth is more likely to die than to live.

You see, the farmer assumed that the struggling and stretching of the moth larvae was an unnecessary pain and the confinement of the cocoon too uncomfortable and painful for such a fragile insect. He probably thought  he could help God to make life easier for the moth. Don’t we all wish that things were different and that the pain we are enduring will go away.

But the farmer did not know that there is a method to every divine madness, and there is a pain that comes with God’s process. You see the nice farmer failed to recognize that the maker of the moth is a God of order and that nothing is made for nothing. He did not realize that the God had calculated the number of movements that the larvae needed to strengthen its wing muscles and matched it with the strength of the cocoon. The maker of the moth knows that one less stretch by the moth will produce a premature moth, unable to do what moths do and a ready meal for the birds.

Friends, there is a method to the madness of your pain, a reason for the mountain on your journey and a lesson in the wilderness of your life. Believe it, God knows what you are going through in your marriage, with your children and with your health. He knows that kingdom greatness is not measured by the long list of the blessings we receive, but by the weight of the burden we carry. The story of Job is not about a suffering man, but about  the triumph of a sanctified saint. Joseph is not known today as the pit dweller but as the prime minister of Egypt, the deliverer of the remnant and the preserver of destiny. Job said it best when he said “When he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold” Job 23:10.

The pain is part of the process and the process will lead us to the promise. When life puts the squeeze on you, whatever that is inside comes out. God wants to make sure that you bleed His blood, declare His word and keep the faith. Thats why He guaranteed victory before the battle. It’s not about your pain but about His purpose. Shout Alleluya because there is an expected end.