Friday 19 January 2018
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There’s More To Sex Than Mere Skin On Skin. Part II

    I have always wondered why sex is so subtle and yet very effective in carrying out its whims and caprices. The power of sex is comparable to the power of spoken words. Both words and sex can create life and destroy life. No other force has brought down kings and even mighty men of God than sex. In fact some have suggested (and quiet persuasively too) that the sin of Eve was sexual immorality with the serpent. All I can say is that’s not the focus of this blog.

But seriously there is a mystery about sex that has not been fully revealed until now. Here is what we know about Sex.

1.      God made man and woman in his image and likeness.

2.      God wants man to procreate His kind in the image and likeness of God through sex.

3.      Sex between unequally yoked people will pollute the race.

4.      Sex and the act of sexual activities are closely regulated in the bible.

5.      Marriage is the only permissible ground for indulgence in Sex.

6.       Sex is the only mechanism for man to reproduce his kind in the likeness of God. The prophet Malachi talked about “godly offspring” suggesting that there are other kinds of offspring.

7.      Marriage is a covenant and there is no covenant without the shedding of blood. Therefore the act of sex and the potential breaking of the hymen is the shedding of blood that seals the covenant of marriage. 

8.      Sex can be a destiny enhancer or a destiny destroyer.

9.      We are specifically advised  to run from potential sexual sin rather than challenge it.

Although the rules governing sex are clear, yet we are constantly taking the liberty of accommodating our passion and sensual priorities. Passion that is sometimes is so impulsive that it hits us before we can pulse to rationalize its implications. After we fail to rationalize these implications, we question God, “Why is sex reserved for married people alone? Why is sex only permissible between man and woman; why can’t adults have sex with children? Why is sex meant for husband and wife for life when there are many unmarried folks out there?”

Invariably this challenge to the regulation of sex is also an agitation for the deregulation of marriage. Marriage institution is on the decline now because sex is cheap and available.If you can get it free why pay for it, and if she can give it up without commitment, why commit. But that is the deception of the devil because nothing is cheap and sex without commitment is expensive.

The scripture warns that “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? We can extrapolate from that scripture that if the foundation is preserved, the righteous can do anything.  Truth is that we cannot maintain the image and likeness of God and produce godlyoffspring without having respect for the sanctity of sex.  Folks, the mystery of sex is that there is more to sex than mere skin on skin.